Monday, January 12, 2009
 Market watch
Movers and shakers - II
One-day wonders
One-day wonders
Events impacting prices of small-cap stocks* over the previous session in the fortnight ending 02 January 2009
* Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts
SECTOR: Hotels & Restaurants GROUP: GV Krishna Reddy
M-CAP: Rs 289.36 cr
PROMOTER: 74.64 DIIs: 5.23 FIIs: 3.24 PUBLIC: 13.06
PRICE: Rs 46.15 PRICE VAR: 4.89% FV: Rs 2
VOL: 44496
The Hyderabad-based hotel opened its new premium five-star hotel, Taj Mount Road, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
* Northgate Technologies
SECTOR: IT - Software GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 248.57 cr
PROMOTER: 32.74 DIIs: 4.64 FIIs: 41.50 PUBLIC:13.76
PRICE: Rs 71.00 PRICE VAR: 4.95% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 5446
Swiss Finance Corporation Mauritius increased its stake to 6.43% in the Hyderabad-based software firm by acquiring 6.93 lakh shares through open-market purchases on 12 December 2008.
* Aurobindo Pharma
SECTOR: Pharmaceuticals GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 848.06 cr
PROMOTER: 55.27 DIIs: 8.38 FIIs: 24.63 PUBLIC: 8.95
PRICE: Rs 157.75 PRICE VAR: 9.43% FV: Rs 5
VOL: 84350
The Hyderabad-based pharma firm secured a tentative approval from the US Food & Drug Administration to manufacture and market abacavir sulphate/ lamivudine tablets in multiple strengths in US. The drug is used for treating human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections.
* Texmaco
SECTOR: Capital Goods-Non Elec Eqpt GROUP: Birla KK
M-CAP: Rs 780.70 cr
PROMOTER: 54.05 DIIs: 19.64 FIIs: 2.25 PUBLIC: 10.74
PRICE: Rs 70.46 PRICE VAR: 6.47% FV: Re 1
VOL: 1011
The Kolkata-based engineering firm fixed 9 January 2009 as the record date for splitting one share of face value of Rs 10 into 10 shares of face value of Re 1 each.
* Chordia Food Products
SECTOR: FMCG GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 9.88 cr
PROMOTER: 48.70 DIIs: 1.93 FIIs: 0.00 PUBLIC: 44.61
PRICE: Rs 33.05 PRICE VAR: 4.92% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 5
The Satara, Maharashtra-based food processor received an in-principle approval from the Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries for setting up a mega food park at Shirwal, Maharashtra.
SECTOR: Capital Goods-Non Elec Eqpt GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 53.61 cr
PROMOTER: 52.96 DIIs: 4.52 FIIs: 0.00 PUBLIC: 15.43
PRICE: Rs 36.10 PRICE VAR: 3.74% FV: Rs 2
VOL: 3981
The Thane-based welding rods manufacturer fixed 9 January 2009 as the record date for issuing bonus shares in the ratio of 1:5.
* Deep Industries
SECTOR: Gas Distribution GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 92.00 cr
PROMOTER: 45.56 DIIs: 17.20 FIIs: 4.76 PUBLIC: 26.29
PRICE: Rs 46.00 PRICE VAR: 6.98% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 41597
A consortium of Gujarat-based companies bagged a block under the New Exploration Licensing Policy-VII. Deep Industries will hold a 70% interest in the block and all others 10% each.
* Mahindra Ugine Steel Company
SECTOR: Steel GROUP: Mahindra
M-CAP: Rs 76.33 cr
PROMOTER: 55.53 DIIs: 10.99 FIIs: 8.68 PUBLIC: 20.63
PRICE: Rs 23.50 PRICE VAR: -4.67% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 3183
The Mumbai-based alloy steel maker reduced working shifts at the manufacturing plants by one or two shifts instead of three shifts depending on the workload. Except the Nashik plant, all other plants of Mahindra Ugine Steel Company will work for five days a week instead of seven days a week.
* PBA Infrastructure
SECTOR: Realty GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 40.10 cr
PROMOTER: 62.95 DIIs: 0.00 FIIs: 0.00 PUBLIC: 29.28
PRICE: Rs 29.70 PRICE VAR: 4.58% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 36823
The Mumbai-based construction firm bagged two orders aggregating Rs 47.96 crore from the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority.
* Binani Cement
SECTOR: Cement GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 653.98 cr
PROMOTER: 64.91 DIIs: 2.10 FIIs: 3.26 PUBLIC: 3.52
PRICE: Rs 32.20 PRICE VAR: 10.84% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 127235
Privately-held Stansen Holdings of Singapore purchased the entire 9.11% stake of Ganesan Prime Holdings (Mauritius) in the Kolkata-based cement maker.
* KNR Constructions
SECTOR: Realty GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 113.32 cr
PROMOTER: 71.52 DIIs: 12.17 FIIs: 2.02 PUBLIC: 6.23
PRICE: Rs 40.30 PRICE VAR: 9.96% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 9360
K Narasimha Reddy, a promoter, hiked his stake to 33.84% in the Hyderabad-based construction company after acquiring 22,032 shares through the open market.
* Electrotherm India
SECTOR: Capital Goods-Non Elec Eqpt GROUP: Ind Pvt
M-CAP: Rs 147.27 cr
PROMOTER: 32.27 DIIs: 1.53 FIIs: 12.11 PUBLIC: 11.53
PRICE: Rs 128.40 PRICE VAR: 20.00% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 6735
The Ahmedabad-based engineering companyís board approved to spin off its engineering business into a new entity Electrotherm Engineering & Projects. The board also fixed a swap ratio of one equity, share of Electrotherm Engineering & Projects for every three equity shares held in Electrotherm India for the demerger.
* Taneja Aerospace
SECTOR: Miscellaneous GROUP: Indian Seamless
M-CAP: Rs 75.82 cr
PROMOTER: 42.51 DIIs: 0.01 FIIs: 15.11 PUBLIC: 26.12
PRICE: Rs 30.40 PRICE VAR: 7.23% FV: Rs 5
VOL: 313039
Citigroup Global Market Mauritius sold three lakh shares, or 1.20% equity, in the South-based aviation manufacturer at Rs 29 each in the open market.
* Swaraj Mazda
SECTOR: Automobile GROUP: Joint Sector-PJ
M-CAP: Rs 226.59 cr
PROMOTER: 53.53 DIIs: 7.96 FIIs: 9.31 PUBLIC: 14.02
PRICE: Rs 215.80 PRICE VAR: 4.81% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 5410
Japanís Sumitomo Corporation agreed to buy a 14.04% stake in the Punjab-based automaker for Rs 40.04 crore. The deal will raise Sumitomoís holding in Swaraj Mazda to a controlling 53.52%.
* Gati
SECTOR: Logistics GROUP: Agarwal - M K
M-CAP: Rs 347.07 cr
PROMOTER: 48.88 DIIs: 1.67 FIIs: 6.84 PUBLIC: 18.63
PRICE: Rs 41.00 PRICE VAR: 4.99% FV: Rs 2
VOL: 4524
The Secunderabad-based logistics company reportedly identified three cargo companies in China and may be willing to buy any one of them. Gati has offices in China, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. Buying a foreign company will increase Gatiís overseas operations. Currently, overseas operations contribute 5% of its total revenue.
* Jai Balaji Industries
SECTOR: Steel GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 402.02 cr
PROMOTER: 63.93 DIIs: 2.82 FIIs: 0.22 PUBLIC: 13.91
PRICE: Rs 85.30 PRICE VAR: 4.60% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 5406
Jai Salasar Balaji Industries, a promoter group, increased its stake to 4.01% in the Kolkata-based sponge iron manufacturer after acquiring 4,626 shares through open market on 29 December 2008. The total promoter holding in Jai Balaji Industries stood at 63.93% on 30 September 2008.
* VIP Industries
SECTOR: Plastic products GROUP: Piramal Dilip
M-CAP: Rs 112.76 cr
PROMOTER: 42.97 DIIs: 9.32 FIIs: 0.04 PUBLIC: 30.93
PRICE: Rs 39.90 PRICE VAR: 7.11% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 31821
The Nashik-based companyís board approved sale of its closed unit at Satara, Maharashtra. The value of the unit has been estimated at Rs 4.70 crore. VIP Industries had discontinued manufacturing operations from the unit in December 2007.
* Elecon Engineering Company
SECTOR: Capital Goods-Non Elec Eqpt GROUP: Elecon
M-CAP: Rs 370.94 cr
PROMOTER: 42.39 DIIs: 22.22 FIIs: 3.91 PUBLIC: 23.21
PRICE: Rs 39.95 PRICE VAR: 4.99% FV: Rs 2
VOL: 60920
The Gujarat-based company bagged a Rs 22-crore order from Adani Power of Adani Group for commissioning of material handling system at Mundra.
* ABM Knowledgeware
SECTOR: IT - Software GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 16.52 cr
PROMOTER: 60.03 DIIs: 0.00 FIIs: 0.00 PUBLIC: 13.16
PRICE: Rs 16.52 PRICE VAR: 19.97% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 3685
The Mumbai-based software service provider secured a Rs 116-crore contract from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) for providing software solutions and services till 2011. The company will provide system analysis and program development (SAP) licences, and implement SAP payroll for employees and SAP management support.
* Austin Engineering Company
SECTOR: Auto Ancillaries GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 20.97 cr
PROMOTER: 33.86 DIIs: 0.20 FIIs: 0.00 PUBLIC: 53.35
PRICE: Rs 59.40 PRICE VAR: 20.00% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 12390
The board of directors of Gujarat-based manufacturer will meet on 8 January 2009 to consider buyback of shares.
* Talbros Automotive Components
SECTOR: Auto Ancillaries GROUP: Talwar
M-CAP: Rs 24.45 cr
PROMOTER: 36.52 DIIs: 3.05 FIIs: 6.94 PUBLIC: 37.73
PRICE: Rs 19.80 PRICE VAR: 7.03% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 1869
The Haryana-based company entered into a license agreement with Germany-based Ahlstrom Altenkirchen GMBH for 10 years to obtain technical knowhow to manufacture beater addition jointing to international standard.
* Transgene Biotek
SECTOR: Healthcare GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 32.09 cr
PROMOTER: 38.43 DIIs: 0.00 FIIs: 0.02 PUBLIC: 50.92
PRICE: Rs 20.35 PRICE VAR: 4.90% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 2299
The Andhra Pradesh-based company received licence from the Drug Control Department of Hyderabad to manufacture four drugs: Orlistat, Lovastatin, Simvastatin and Pravastatin. These drugs are used to control cholesterol in blood.
SECTOR: Steel GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 362.39 cr
PROMOTER: 48.38 DIIs: 15.86 FIIs: 19.47 PUBLIC: 4.73
PRICE: Rs 84.85 PRICE VAR: 3.92% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 44588
Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual Fund hiked its stake to 5.18% in the Kachigam Gujarat-based pipe manufacturer after acquiring 10 lakh shares through the open market on 19 December 2008.
* Kohinoor Foods
SECTOR: FMCG GROUP: Indian Private
M-CAP: Rs 248.22 cr
PROMOTER: 32.58 DIIs: 4.71 FIIs: 3.42 PUBLIC: 18.31
PRICE: Rs 92.00 PRICE VAR: 3.14% FV: Rs 10
VOL: 134618
Microsec Financial Services raised its stake to 6.64% in the ready-to-eat food-product maker after acquiring 4.53 lakh shares from the open market on 22 December 2008. It held a 1.33% stake in the firm as on 30 September 2008.
* Only stocks with market cap less than Rs 1000 crore on 19 December 2008 considered. FV: Face value of the share.

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